Hospitality Cleaning Service

As the manager of a hospitality establishment, one of your priorities should be the overall aesthetic of your establishment. Maintaining cleanliness, both in the interior and exterior, earns your hotel or restaurant positive reviews, which attracts new clients. Don’t waste time on other companies that offer conventional cleaning solutions; hire ITR Cleaning services for eco-friendly, yet thorough cleaning solutions. We have vast experience and a track record of providing excellent, time- and cost-effective services across Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. With our low-pressure, high-volume system, you can rest assured that the project will be completed within the set time. We have a dedicated and experienced team of professional cleaners who use up-to-date equipment and cleaning methods to ensure your establishment is always in top operating shape.


You have to maintain a high level of hygiene standards in your restaurant, especially when anyone can write a review or take a picture within your food-service establishment. Whether you operate a small diner or a big restaurant, our professional representatives are ready to consult you on the scale of the job and offer a price estimate within your budget.

Kitchen Hood

One of the most challenging, but easily overlooked areas to clean is the kitchen. Kitchen ducts and filters can hold a large amount of pollutants such as food particles and oil, which increase the risk of kitchen fire. ITR Cleaning Service can handle a wide range of jobs, ranging from kitchen hoods, grease traps, to filters that help maintain indoor air quality and safety. We have experience with a number of clients all of the Midsouth, call us for a free estimate.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Extends the Lifespan of Filters, Ducts, and Hood
  • Oil and Grease Removal
  • Increase Kitchen Safety

Patio & Dining Area

An outdoor dining area, both the deck and furniture, need to remain clean and sanitary at all times. ITR Cleaning Service is here to help you achieve that goal. Our expert cleaners understand the kind of dirt, grime, food particulates that accumilate on these surfaces, to give your establishment a thorough cleaning and sanitization. We also utilized several effective techniques to remove chewy gums without damaging your furniture.

  • Perfect for Cleaning Outdoor Furniture
  • Removes Dirt, and Grease
  • Adds an Aesthetic Appeal
  • Chewing Gum Removal


At best, your routine after-hours cleaning of the restaurant will make the floor appear clean. But you require a deep, professional cleaning that dislodges stubborn stains and oils from high traffic areas. At ITR, we invest in eco-friendly chemicals and equipment that can deep clean a variety of flooring materials. Our cleaning units also remove water, keeping the area safe for your employees and customers.

  • Removal of Stubborn, Set Stains
  • Prevent Slips and Falls
  • Low-Pressure Works on All Flooring Materials
  • Captures the Water for Quick Drying Process


Unlike other commercial businesses, walkways are some of the most susceptible areas to dirt, grime, oils, and food particulates from high foot traffic. Even with placemats in all of the entrances, walkways can still become unsanitary. IRT cleaners can help you remove dirt, oils, grease, and odor from the sidewalks and pavers, regardless of whether they are made from bricks, tiles, cut stones, or concrete slabs.

  • Removes Dirt, Grime, and Food Particulates
  • Maintains Clean Doormats
  • Ideal for Cleaning before Sealing Pavers
  • Adds an Aesthetic Appeal

Hotels & Resorts

Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, and Vacation Homes require skilled professionals to take maintain aesthetics and cleanliness. ITR Cleaning Service invests in our professional team to understand the health requirements of your establishment, alleviating fines, and accidents.

Building Exterior


The aesthetics on the exterior walls and roof can make all the difference for your hotel & resort. If neglected, the building exterior can develop a dull appearance due to mold, moss, and mildew. Our low-pressure cleaning techniques are gentle on the walls and roof, but ensures deep penetration of the product into concrete, killing bacteria and other contaminants to leave the exterior spotless and sanitary.

  • Gentle, Low-Pressure Cleaning
  • Bacteria and Contaminants Removal
  • Increased Structure Longevity
  • Safe Cleaning Solutions

Parking Lots


In a hospitality establishment, the parking lot becomes susceptible to dirt, grime, mud, and abrasive particles from the car tires. It is imperative to keep the parking lot and walkways clean, to offer a safe and welcoming environment to your guests. ITR professional cleaners will assess the area and create an effective action plan to remove all elements that cause surface deterioration.

  • Low Pressure & Safe Cleaning Solution
  • Oil and Grease Removal
  • Removes Gums and Smears
  • Large Parking Lots and Complexes

Pool Areas


In a hotel, the poolside offers a relaxing atmosphere for your guests, who expect to swim and lounge in a clean and beautiful pool area. Our soft washing solutions are tough on stubborn stains and organic contaminants that dwell in humid envir. We can clean the lounge chairs, surrounding hardscapes, and maintain an aesthetic appeal to the pool area.

  • Low-Pressure Cleaning prevents Damage
  • Destroys Mold, Mildew, and Algae
  • Pool-Area Furniture Cleaning
  • Gives the Poolside an Aesthetic Look



Have you ever seen awnings after a rainy season? Most tend to hold dirty rainwater that offers thriving conditions for bacterial growth and build-up of corrosive elements. Our professionals understand the climatic conditions in Memphis and can use the perfect blend of fungicides, surfactants, bleach, and degreasers to dislodge contaminants, leaving the awnings looking as if they were newly purchased.

  • Effective Mix of Cleaning Products
  • Safe for all Guests and Pets
  • Prevents Ripping and Wear of Awnings
  • Restores the Original Fabric Color