Commercial Cleaning Service

A tidy environment is a crucial aspect of any commercial workplace. You need to keep your employees healthy and productive, as well as your customers happy. Outsourcing your cleaning services gives you enough time to concentrate on the core aspects of your business. ITR Cleaning Services is a comprehensive top-of-the-line cleaning company in Memphis, Tennessee that offers a range of cleaning services to residential and commercial sectors. It has a great reputation in the industry and excellent customer service from its carefully screened professional commercial cleaners. We pay close attention to every single detail. Over the years, we have established a culture of exceptional execution as a way of making a positive impact in the world and enrich our customers as a premium cleaning services provider.

Fleet Wash

If your vehicles are dirty, then you may not make a good impression on your clients. Our commercial customers throughout Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas rely on us to keep their fleets clean. We are flexible to meet your schedule and can adjust to your convenience. Our chemicals and washing techniques are safe and environmentally friendly. We clean cars, trucks, vans, and any other vehicle included in your fleet.

  • Dirt and Soil Removal
  • Body and Window Detailing
  • Interior Detailing
  • Oil Cleaning

Building Exteriors

Maintaining the exterior of your building provides an attractive and professional look to your company. It also helps retain the value of your property. We are well known in Memphis, Tennessee for offering exterior cleaning services for building restoration, paint, glass, wood, and concrete. Our cleaning service leaves your building clean for not just days but months.

  • Remove Dirt and Debris from your Building
  • Intensive Gutter Cleaning
  • Detailed Window Cleaning
  • Removal of Spider Webs, Nests, & Algae from Exterior Walls
  • Graphiti Removal

Construction Sites

A lot of dirt and debris accumulate during construction and if proper cleaning procedures are not in place, the environment can quickly turn into a health health hazard. ITR Cleaning Service provides perfect on-site cleaning before, during, and after consstruction. From the start of your construction project, to the client walkthrouh, we have you covered.

  • Sweeping and Mopping of all Hard Surface Floors
  • Dusting Baseboards
  • Cleaning Cabinets, Counter-tops, and other Storage Areas
  • Cleaning of Doors, Light Switches, Outlest, and Doorposts
  • Washing Interior Walls

Gas Stations

A gas station is a bustling environment. With so many daily customers, regular cleaning is paramount. Many customers may use the appearance of your station to choose your servive. At ITR Cleaning Service provide you with budget-friendly cleaning services. Ensuring your dumpster, fuel pumps, and all the places in your station are neat & clean.

  • Oil & Grease Spills
  • Gum on Floors & Other Surfaces
  • Graphiti Removal
  • Dirt & Organic Debris
  • Other Tough Stains such as Rust

Industrial Complexes

Cleaning industrial complexes can be challenging and require high expertise. The professional staff at ITR are trained to clean safely without interfering with any machines in progress. We clean from the roof to floors clearing any paint, metal shavings, and other debris. We offer our cleaning services to power plants, warehouses, and industrial complexes.

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Floors & Surfaces
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Labs
  • Office Cubicles

Public and Private Institutions

Institutions are subject to very high number of visitors, and proper cleaning and maintenance are not optional. The professionals at ITR well versed with the challenges of maintaining a clean, attractive, and safe environment in these high traffic areas, and are up to the task. Our clients in Memphis, Tennessee attest to our exemplary services in their hospitals, universities, and several other institutions across the city.

  • Entrances, Lobbies, Staircases, and Elevator Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning and Door Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Building Exteriors, Parking Areas, and Sidewalks.

Parking & Garages

Clean concrete in your parking garage makes your workplace look professional. Aside from the professional look, you also avoid unnecessary slip and fall lawsuits as a result of the oil, grease, and other debris on surfaces. ITR Cleaning Services offers comprehensive cleaning services to all our customers in Memphis, Tennessee. Call for a free estimate today.

  • Dusting and Cleaning all Overhead Pipes
  • Pre-Treating and Removing Oil Stains
  • Cleaning Floors, Walls, and Columns
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Pressure Washing Concrete

Property Management

No job is too big or small for ITR. We are capable of handling all types of properties you have in your portfolio starting from Condos, Townhouses, Apartments, HOA, and POA. We aim at providing top-tier commercial cleaning services to all our clients in property management. We are trusted to provide the below cleaning services and many more to properties across Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

  • Cleaning for Office Buildings and Suites
  • Restroom Cleaning and Consumables
  • Move In | Move Out Cleanings
  • Cleaning of Common Areas and Grounds

Retail Buildings

A clean retail shop is professional, and will be attractive to new customers. We provide professional and affordable cleaning services to our retail clients all over Memphis, Tennessee. We clean building Exteriors, Awnings, Walkways, and Parking, and other areas. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our cleaning services, which are eco-friedly and safe for customers and employees.

  • Washrooms and Public Lobby Cleaning
  • Sanitize Doorknobs, Countertops, and Tables
  • Cleaning Public Access Areas
  • Large Floor Area Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning and Door Cleaning

Real Estate

Real estate is competitive, and standing out from the crowd means you will have take extra effort. Ensuring your properties are clean, increases their value in addition to attracting more clients. As a realtor, broker, property manager, or owner of a property on sale, you are likely to be very busy, and ITR is here for you. We offer different types of cleaning, such as:

  • Open House Cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • After Renovation Cleaning
  • Deodorize and Sanitization of Bathrooms
  • Clearing Sinks and Drains