Carpet Cleaning Services in Memphis, TN

Why get your carpet professionally cleaned? There are many reasons, from appearance to health and hygiene. Not only does a dirty, worn carpet look terrible, but it also plays host to bacteria, causing a stale odor. Even worse, it’s unhygienic and results in poor air quality. A clean carpet looks newer, smells better, and gives a fresher look to any room.

When you need a highly recommended carpet cleaner in Memphis, TN, look no further. We serve the Memphis and Mid-South area with commercial and residential carpet and floor cleaning services that are second to none.

The Many Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Carpets

Our cleaning process always leaves your carpet looking new. Our professional staff does a thorough job and always cleans up after a visit. You won’t believe how well our cleaning solutions work for turning an older carpet into one that looks and smells fresh. Some of the reasons why it’s important to clean your carpet include:

  • Cleaning prolongs your carpet’s life.
  • Carpet cleaning enhances and protects indoor air quality.
  • Professional cleaning makes the carpet more comfortable to walk on and easier to maintain.
  • Cleaning will remove stains and spots for a newer look.
  • Clean your carpet to prevent a toxic buildup of bacteria and allergens.

When our team leaves, your carpet won’t be wet. We use a cleaning solution that dries fast, meaning you can get back to life quickly. It’s our goal to make our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Maintain Your Carpet and Air Quality

Whether you need to clean an area rug or require upholstery cleaning or floor cleaning, we handle jobs of every size. Our safe, dry process ensures your carpet’s long life. Our team will thoroughly clean your carpets, making it even easier for you to maintain between visits.

Air quality is a common complaint from homeowners. It’s no secret that dust, debris, pet dander and other irritants build up, creating an unhealthy environment. For someone with allergies, this situation can become unbearable. For the good of everyone in the home, regular carpet and flooring maintenance is necessary.

Clean Carpets and Floors Aren’t for Homes Only

The same excellent reasons for cleaning your house’s flooring and carpeting also apply to any business. Our cleaning processes use a high-volume, water-based system so that we can quickly cover even the most extensive areas. Our team makes sure to work efficiently, limiting any chance for injury for themselves or property owners.

Improve morale at your location with a carpet cleaning that leaves the whole place smelling fresh. Office workers spend a lot of time indoors, so it’s important to provide them with excellent air quality and a cleaner, healthier environment.

At ITR, we are professionals who care about doing the best job possible. With state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, we deliver excellent results and help you maintain a healthy environment.

Leave the dirty job to us and enjoy the benefits of choosing the best Memphis floor cleaning services! Whether you have a business or home in the Memphis area and need floor, upholstery or carpet cleaning, call us today for an estimate.